No matter what you come in for—from a regular cleaning to a full-mouth restoration—we have the training, experience, and vision to meet your needs.

Smile Makeovers

This client was unhappy with the coloring and “aged” look of their smile. The makeover turned out fantastic and our client was excited to smile again.

These photos were taken during our client’s full-mouth reconstruction. Years of “patchwork” dentistry left this patient self-conscious about their smile, as well as experiencing some pain and soreness from their bad bite. This client was thrilled with the new smile and loved the improvement in their symptoms of pain and soreness.

Another great patient who came to us with concerns about the old, broken-down dentistry from their past. This patient needed help with increasing the strength of their teeth and creating a more functional bite. The aesthetic improvement was just an added bonus to creating a healthy smile.

Adhesive bonded dentistry was used in this case to not only restore the strength to these chipping and fracturing teeth, but it also restored a more youthful appearance to the smile that had faded over the years.

Sometimes porcelain veneers can be used to correct issues of crowding and crooked teeth. This is sometimes called “instant orthodontics.” Many of our clients choose this options as opposed to spending months or years in braces.

For some of our clients, the difference between a nice smile and the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted is a small but precise design enhancement that can be done with very conservative porcelain veneers.

One of our favorite cases.  This client has such a wonderful personality and learned to hide their smile over the years due to teeth discoloration. We see many people who have had to adapt their smile or even stop smiling because of embarrassment about their smile. We love being able to restore the confidence that comes from having a smile that matches the wonderful people we see.

Another full-mouth reconstruction case. This client was treated with Invisalign orthodontics and porcelain-bonded veneers and crowns to restore teeth that had been ground down and chipped over the years. We sometimes combine treatments like this to provide our clients with the best long-term and most beautiful result.