Dr. Anderson’s Experience with Dental Anxiety and Fear

Dr. Anderson has specialized in reducing fear and anxiety associated with dental visits for 10 years. He understands the fear and anxiety is real and works diligently to focus on the comfort, relaxation, and happiness of each patient.

For many people, dental anxiety and fear are associated with previous trauma in the dental office. It can be so overwhelming that as many as 35 million people avoid dental visits and necessary cleanings and treatment.

10 Years

Treating Dental Anxiety and Fear


People experience different types of fear and anxiety when considering a trip to the dentist’s office:

  • Fear of dental equipment
  • Embarrassment about the condition of your teeth
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of dentists
  • Problems with gagging
  • Fear of medication not working properly

What this Treatment Involves

Every patient is different, so we personalize treatment for dental fear and anxiety. Sometimes it involves behavior management, but it can also require the use of drugs.

Here are some of our tips:

  • Talk to us. If you’re afraid or anxious, we want to know so we can help.
  • Bring relaxing music. This may help reduce your anxiety. We also provide noise-canceling headphones to minimize the amount of anxiety-producing sound that is commonly associated with dental anxiety.
  • Use a signal. Work with us on a signal to use so Dr. Anderson and his staff will know when you have a problem.
  • Try a sore throat spray. Sprays used for sore throats also help control the gag reflex.
  • Take mild anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) medication.Some people need to use a short-acting (about four-hour) medication to feel comfortable during dental procedures, and that’s OK.
  • Discuss alternatives. We understand that regaining trust and confidence after past traumatic experiences takes time. One of our favorite responses from our clients is when they say, “I had no idea dental visits could be this great, I wish I had come here sooner.” When we hear that from our clients, we know we have accomplished what we strive to do every day. Talk to Dr. Anderson about the least invasive and most comfortable procedures.


If you are anxious or fearful about seeing Dr. Anderson, we can help!

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